Thursday, May 22, 2008

She loves her cats!

One of our cats need iv fluids every other day for her kidney problems. Sometimes Nina watches us give the cat the fluid and Nina knows that it is the cat's "medicine." Apparently she thought one of her cats also needed some "medicine." She used the empty fluid bag (minus the needle of course) and helped kitty feel better!

Friday, May 16, 2008

getting bigger

We often hear form people how big Nina is getting. We don't really see it since we see her everyday, but we did some new measurements on her and she has gained 1 pound and 1 inch since we got her. She is also saying a lot of 2 word sentences lately. Her language skills are moving forward and she is trying hard to make the "p" "b" "s" and "t" sounds in speech therapy. It is really amazing to watch a child grow and develop in front of your eyes. It is so true that the time goes by so quickly. We have had her for almost 6 months and have watched her develop a strong bond to both of us and learn and grow each day. She has enriched our lives beyond belief.

Dress up

Like most little girls, Nina likes to play dress-up. She often pulls clothes 0ut of her closet and puts them on or just carries them around. (A born shopper!!) She is especially excited when she receives a package with clothes in it. She loves to bring the clothes (on the hanger still) up to her room and into the closet.

Outside toys

We got Nina some toys to play with outside: balls, a wagon, pails, etc. We also got her a water table, that she loves. It has lots of gadgets and toys to play with in the water. We have had a few days warm enough to use it, but I bet this summer it will get a lot of use.

Happy Mother's Day (belated)

I had a great "first" Mother's Day! It started off with breakfast in bed. Of course Nina joined me. No one eats alone with her around. There was also a nice card from Tim and a beautiful orchid plant. We spent the whole day together and although it was cool and it rained in the afternoon it was a good day. We did manage to have a cookout for dinner (ate it inside) and a cake for desert. The week before I got some gifts from Nina that she had made a daycare - a beautiful card with her handprint, a pot that she painted with a petunia in it, and a keychain that she picked out the beads for. Of course she didn't really understand what the day was about, but it was wonderful to be able to spend it with her (and Tim) knowing that I am finally a mother to the best little girl in the world!