Monday, April 27, 2009

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

All of a sudden, it seems as though Nina is doing so many "big girl" things. In the past couple of months she has stopped using her high chair and bib (except when we have something really messy like soup or spaghetti). She has grown 3 inches in the past year and has out grown many of her "baby" clothes - 24 months, etc. she is a solid 3T. She is now sleeping in her own room. She can walk Thunder and keep up a pretty good pace. And she has mastered most of the child-proof locks on the cabinets. The one thing we are still working on is the potty training, and I know that will come with time. Some days she does great with it, and others only once. People always say how quickly kids grow up and I never took much stock in it, but it is true. Nina keeps telling us every day she is a "big girl" and she is right. But we hope she can stay "peanut sized" for just a little bit longer.